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Work-Life Balance
​Fun in the Summer Sun

At a traditional campus, summertime equals break! It's the opportunity to reset and recharge. As a Rockies student rock star, you keep trucking along and crushing goals to achieve your academic and professional dreams. So one has to wonder - how exactly do you do it all? 
The life of the Rockies students consists of a laundry list of responsibilities. Generally, you juggle - full-time employment, parenthood, family obligations like taking care of elders, grandchildren, and to top it all off school. We commend your growing lists and your ability to get it done. 
According to Forbes, the healthiest employees and greatest leadership have a work-life-balance regime that helps them give it all in every arena.

 Here are six tips to help you achieve work-life balance: 

1. Let go of perfectionism.
2. Unplug - give yourself space and time to really unwind. 
3. Take care of the vessel. Exercise, meditate and maintain a healthy regimen. 
4. Delegate responsibilities to eliminate time-wasting activities. 
5. Create a structure, schedule, and plan. 

6. Start small, and build from there. Rome wasn't built in one day!